The old Thingstead of the Faroese has become a modern city. It has been opened up to the world, developed and globalized. It has grown considerably and is constantly on the move…
Besides being the capital and the seat of Government and administration, Tórshavn is also a cultural centre; Concerts, live theatre, and all sorts of exhibitions have become a natural part of life in the city which also offers excellent shopping opportunities.
Also in other respects, life in Tórshavn is thriving. The many restaurants and cafés as the night lift in general make Tórshavn the meeting place all year round, and not only around the St. Olaf's Day festival, the national festival of the Faroe Islands.
Tórshavn is also a place of business and in the face of globalization business relations with other countries have increased considerably. Apart from the tourists that come to the Faroe Islands by sea, two airlines fly several trips a day to and from the islands.
All this naturally has an effect on the hotel and guesthouse industry. To meet this growing demand, more beds have been obtained. Old hotels and guesthouses have been renovated and new ones open up all the time.
The changes and the development which we experience in Tórshavn these days, are not likely to slow down in the years to come. On the contrary, sub sea tunnels are being made to connect the islands and as it is today, 86% of all Faroese people are now able to drive to Tórshavn. This is bound to affect all aspects of the service sector.
However, Tórshavn has not forgotten its origin. A lot of effort has been put into preserving the old part of the town, Tinganes/Reyni, where the oldest house dates back to the thirteen-hundreds. A stroll through this old part of town, taking in the cosy atmosphere leaves you imagining how the people of Tórshavn used to live in the old days.

Tórshavn in numbers

Tórshavn in numbers
  • Position:
    62°03N - 6°45,5W 
  • Thingstead since around 850
  • Independent municipality since 1856
  • Market town since 1 January 1909


  • Average temperature throughout the year  7°C.
  • Max. temperature in the summer is 20°C.
    Recorded max. temperature is 22°C.
  • Min. temperature in the winter is – 5  or – 6 °C.
    Recorded min. temperature ever is – 11°C.
  • Average 30-40 days of frost.
    And 20-30 days of snow.